Quick overview of all submissions.

Review cycles, submission status, reviewers and video submission status, all in one line.

Quicly manage Editors, Reviewers and Authors.

Easily add or remove Handling Editors, Reviewers and Authors.

Review cycles at a glance.

Quick overview of the reviews for the submission.

Live Conference Program.

Completely customizable and also with Zoom link.

Registration with credit card included.

Upon payment customizable invoices will be sent to the participant.


Conference Management To The Next Level

Earendel helps your conference grow without limits, while you maintain complete control over all the process with minimum effort.

Live program

Thanks to the live program you can give to the authors a powerful tool to access your sessions.

Submission management

Earendel guides you from the abstract submission until the full lenght paper publication.

All in one

Full integrated system out of the box. Completely customizable according to your brand identity.


Video presentation upload, live program and much more has to come.

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